Thursday, October 07, 2004

Via MyDD, watch this powerful speech on the House floor by Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan. They were debating a military draft proposal (that's right....a draft proposal), and the President has taken the opportunity to say he's against it and has no plans for a draft, against all common sense, when considering his military strategies taken to their logical conclusions. Understandably, rumors have been floating through the college student ranks about an inevitable draft under a 2nd Bush term.

Rep. Ryan responds to the Republican outrage over such rumors, and says exactly what needs to be said: we don't believe the President, and we have good reason not to. Having watched a little too much C-Span in my day I can say with true couch-potato-like authority that we can only wish the US House of Representatives might regularly be used for speeches this good.

While I'm on the subject of the draft, Howard Dean is offering a new online petition that reads: I demand to know how George Bush plans to guard the homeland, protect against threats abroad, and stabilize and occupy Iraq -- without resorting to a draft. Sign it here.

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