Friday, October 22, 2004

Tom Waits Wisdom
From an interview in the new Magnet magazine:
On being original and human:
Anything you absorb you will ultimately secrete. It's inevitable. Most of us are original paintings, and it's a mystery as to what is learned and what is borrowed, what is stolen and what is born, what you came in with and what you found while you were here.
On George Bush:
I hope he gets voted out. I pray that we will be mobilized and it will be a landslide and everybody who's ever believed in these ideals that we're takling about will vote the bastard out. . . . I'm thinking that this is the last of our civilization. I think we are all going into the crapper waiting to be flushed. It just feels like the whole world's on fire right now.
He has an amazing new album out. I'm glad to report that age is not mellowing his sound, or his lyrics one bit.

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