Monday, October 04, 2004

Will we be ready??
Stories like this one, about the avalanche of voter registration coming in, are everywhere. I am certainly biased but can't see how these new registrations, no matter where they are, could be a good thing for Republicans.

Is this just a reaction to the closeness of the 2000 race, where everyone on both/all sides knows now their vote could make the difference? Is this a September 11 after-shock, where everyone is now more aware of what's happening in the world? Are there so many new voters anxious to show their support for their President?

Until I'm proven wrong on November--if I am--I'm going to believe that the answer is simpler: masses and masses of angry, tired, ashamed, jobless, health care-less, war-torn Americans have had enough. They want to throw the bum out. And they will not be stopped. That's why I remain optimistic no matter what the polls say.

Would be nice if one of those polls asked for the preference of people who expect to vote, but never have before.

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