Sunday, October 31, 2004

What it's all about
In my heart, I believe we're going to win on Tuesday, not because of polls, which at least aren't dissuading my belief, but because even here in Nashville I see and hear sentiments along these lines all the time, as relayed by Josh Marshall, from an email he received:
My job is to get people to the polls and, more importantly, to keep them there. Because they’re crazily jammed. Crazily. No one expected this turnout. For me, it’s been a deeply humbling, deeply gratifying experience. At today’s early vote in the College Hill district of East Tampa -- a heavily democratic, 90% African American community — we had 879 voters wait an average of five hours to cast their vote. People were there until four hours after they closed (as long as they’re in line by 5, they can vote).

Here’s what was so moving:

We hardly lost anyone. People stood outside for an hour, in the blazing sun, then inside for another four hours as the line snaked around the library, slowly inching forward. It made Disneyland look like speed-walking. Some waited 6 hours. To cast one vote. And EVERYBODY felt that it was crucial, that their vote was important, and that they were important.
There is a determination and energy on our side that is inspiring. We're not just choosing one policy direction over another, or one leader's personality over another. We know this election will define--for a long time--who we are determined to be as a country, and who we are determined not to be. The character of the President is taking a backseat. This election is about the character of our nation.

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