Sunday, October 31, 2004

It's Time--10 Questions
Article 19 readers, it's time to step up to the plate. A contest is called for. The winner will receive all the honor and glory that comes with knowing you have the brightest political mind among us.

Predict the following things before noon on Tuesday (just in case Drudge releases exit polls in the afternoon cheating.), Use the comments thread:
1. The final popular vote results, by percentage, including Nader.
2. The final electoral vote results. Electoral vote calculator here. Abundant state polls here Let us know which of the major tossup states are going which direction in your mind, that led to your EV prediction.
3. The closest state in actual votes. (among states with 5 or more electoral votes)
4. The state that provides the most surprising sweat (the closest state that was presumed in the bag one way or the other)
5. When (day/time) will we have closure in the race, including a victory speech and a concession speech?
6. Will a recount/legal challenge decide the outcome?
7. Pickups in the House (which Party; how many seats?)
8. Pickups in the Senate (which Party; how many seats?)
9. Upset special--any race or any state in the Pres. race.
10. Any other prediction you'd like to make.

Vote in as many/as few categories as you like. Individual and overall winners will be announced.

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