Monday, October 25, 2004

We all know Bush is a raging fool. But I'm guessing he didn't actually sit down and make the war plans. Who the heck is in charge, and why did nobody guard the most dangerous stuff in Iraq? Does this all go back to the idiocy that thought we would be greeted as liberators? We figured Iraqis would not be interested in violence as soon as Saddam was gone? Was there any strategic thinking, or back-up planning whatsoever? It's like Kerry said in debate #2: "It's the military's job to win the war; the President's job is to win the peace." (Why do we not repeat our best lines endlessly like the evil ones do? This beauty sounds like it could have been the main line of attack. But I don't think I heard anyone say it again since.)

In my opinion, this story should seal the deal. This administration is incompetent, from the top down. And there is no leader to hold people accountable for getting the most important stuff done (like protecting our troops and Iraqi civilians from the most dangerous weapons in Iraq).

This was not Saddam handing over weapons to terrorists. This stuff was under the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency (they're the good guys). They told us this stuff was there, and we should secure it if we're coming in to take over. We did not. WTF??

Now that we know the President's response is that "he wants to know what went wrong," Josh Marshall has the best take:
The President wants to determine what went wrong.

This reminds me of when I wanted to know why my Palm Pilot stopped working after I dropped it in the bath tub.

Doesn't this capture Bush's entire presidency?

The thing happened more than a year ago, his administration has taken active steps to cover it up and now that the truth finally comes out, he 'wants to determine what went wrong.'

The idea of accepting responsibility for anything is simply alien to the man. He doesn't even have the good grace to scam us by finding a scapegoat to pin the blame on.

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