Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Will Bush float the Dred Scott decision again?
The issue of Supreme Court justices is sure to come up tonight. Will Bush go back to his "Dred Scott" answer from last debate? As many have pointed out, it was a wink and a nod to pro-lifers. If he does it again, I hope Kerry calls him on it: Mr. President, of course neither of us would appoint a judge who agreed with the Dred Scott decision, which affirmed slavery. But if you believe the Roe v. Wade decision for women's reproductive rights is somehow the same as the Dred Scott decision affirming slavery, and condemning blacks to be less than human, why not be straightforward and say so.

Either Bush backs down and looks wimpy to his evangelical base, or he steps into it and looks like a nutjob to moderates, offending all African-Americans in the process.

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