Sunday, October 10, 2004

Weekend Poll Info
The Good News: Kerry leads the new Zogby tracking poll, 46-45
The Bad News: Bush leads the Rasmusseen tracking poll, 50-46

Good News: ARG has Kerry in the lead in Ohio (48-47), Florida (47-45), Pennsylvania (48-46). SUSA has Kerry narrowly ahead in Iowa (47-46) and Maine (49-47) and well up in Michigan (52-42).

The Bad News: SUSA gives Colorado a widening Bush lead (52-44) and makes Arizona look pretty well out of reach (54-41). Rasmussen gives Bush the Florida lead (51-47), and a lead in Wisconsin (49-46), and shows Michigan to be tied at 46.

Not-Sure-What-To-Think News: Colorado's Amendment 36 is 46-45 in favor of splitting the state's electoral votes, according to SUSA.

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