Saturday, October 30, 2004

Osama tape hurts Bush
Its presence makes clear the truth of all of Kerry's main points about the "war on terrorism" and the war in Iraq. Bush dropped the ball. He could have had the hearts of Americans on his side in a persistent push to track down terrorists and build a more efficient, communicative intelligence network all around the world. Instead, his advisors couldn't resist the opening for a more conventional war against a bad man they hated. We shut down the lines of communication around the world instead of opening them, because hardly anyone else wanted to join the Iraq fiasco.

And now the face of that horrifically bad decision has popped back up on TV.

Team Bush? They consider this development, despicably, to be "a gift."

They are as shameless as they are bad for America. I honestly believe Americans will find in this tape a renewed disappointment with President Bush's failures. The Fox News pollster reports that in their tracking poll calls last night, Bush's numbers fell after the tape was aired. That would be a small sample, but it's true nonetheless.

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