Saturday, October 16, 2004

Bush's Holy War gets a boost
I will never understand why some say that muslim fanatics will try and sway the US election in Kerry's favor. They finally have the war they wanted, with recruitment material through the roof. Isn't that why Osama attacked? To provoke the US into a holy war? Why would they want to cut it back now?

So news like this can only help Bush's chances, whipping up Christians even more, and casting this conflict as the holy war Bush believes in.
Five churches were hit in a string of bomb attacks before dawn that seemed designed to intimidate the country's small but deep-rooted Christian community, already shaken by a deadlier series of bombings of churches that killed 11 people in August.

"If they don't want us in Iraq, let them say it and we will leave," said Samir Hermiz, 40, standing by a Catholic church reduced to ashes. "I'm really thinking of leaving Iraq."

Iraq's 650,000 Christians, about three percent of the population, are mostly Chaldeans, Assyrians and Catholics.
What reasonable argument says that targeting Christian churches will turn the American public against Bush? I assume just the opposite.

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