Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Pot. Kettle.
Cheney on Gore in 2000:
"He seems to have this uncontrollable desire periodically to add to his reputation, to his record, things that aren’t true. That’s worrisome and I think it’s appropriate for us to point that out."

But, really, honest, Cheney presides over the Senate on "most Tuesdays" (if by most Tuesdays you mean twice in the last 4 years).

Yeah, it would be worrisome to have a serial exaggerator in the White House. He might overstate a threat, or claim a mission has been accomplished when it has not. Why, we could be taken to war unnecessarily should a known liar be in the Administration!

UPDATE: Remember the "hometown newspaper" Cheney referred to, that has "taken to calling" Edwards "Senator Gone"? Well, not really. Not really his hometown newspaper. Not really taken to calling him that.

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