Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate Thread
What did you think? I liked how Bush thought the Dred Scott decision was a simple difference of opinion about property rights. So he vows to appoint only justices to the supreme court who agree with him (and the constitution) on property rights. Comforting, no? (here's hoping we here from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton both on that one.)

10 points out of 10 to the President's debate team for--after having 3 months to think over the inevitable reprise of the "have you made any mistakes" question--essentially came up with "no, not really."

Seriously, my 2 favorite moments:
1. Kerry telling the audience "It's the military's job to win the war. It's the President's job to win the peace."

2. Bush offering Charlie Gibson wood. Huh huh.

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