Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Protest Coverage
William Rivers Pitt is blogging his convention experiences, including protests, at the Truthout site here. And his new article, on Bush's terror war flip-flop (which he followed up with a flop-flip back) is here:
It is hard, while watching these guys flop around their own words like boated marlin, to avoid thinking about the thousands of troops deployed in Iraq today. These men and women were told they were leaving home to fight, and perhaps die, in the War on Terror. They left their families with Bush’s promise of inevitable victory ringing in their ears. Now, sitting in that scalding desert, they are being told that they are fighting a war that cannot be won. More than a few of them had already arrived at this obvious conclusion some time ago, but to hear the confused gibberish coming from their Commander-in-Chief must be like a kick below the utility belt.
And, thankfully it looks like th Clinton cavalry may be coming to the rescue, as Joe Lockhart has joined the Kerry team. The first press I've seen him get yet is a dandy (and uttered perhaps in Nashville!): "When the president admits that he's not confident they can win the war on terror, that's what people in politics call a problem."

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