Thursday, September 02, 2004

CNN plays real journalists for a night
If you missed CNN's inquisition of Zell Miller last night, it is worth a read. My favorite part is where he almost tries to explain his pro-Kerry speech from 3 years ago as a mistake of youth:
MILLER: Look, John Kerry came back from Vietnam as a young man unsure of whether America was a force for good or evil in the world. He still has that uncertainty about him.

WOODRUFF: You praised him...

GREENFIELD: Then why did you say in 2001 that he strengthened the military? You said that three years ago.

MILLER: Because that was the biographical sketch that they gave me. This young senator -- not young senator, but new senator had come up there, and all I knew was that this man had won the Purple Heart three times and won the Silver Star and...
So, if you would just say whatever was put in front of you then, why would we believe that you aren't doing the same thing now?

(also you can see a video of Zell coming unglued and offering to kill Chris Matthews, duel-style here (scroll down)).

UPDATE/ADDITION: For a really good dissection of Miller and Cheney's speeches, read Professor George Lakoff's piece. His book "Moral Politics" is the next on my list to get.

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