Friday, September 10, 2004

What Makes a Controversy?
The one issue where we might have the rhetorical upper-hand over Republicans among the majority of Americans is in the regulation of assault weapons. We're against assault, conservatives are for it. Sounds like a frame Lakoff would like.

So why are we not yelling louder about the assault weapons ban being allowed to lapse by the President and Republican Congress? I know people are saying it's a bad development, but why aren't we screaming? Why isn't it a scandal? A Presidential campaign issue? This is even one Bush flip-flopped on, having previously said he was for keeping the ban in place.

I know it's hard to talk about more than one issue at a time, but I'd give up the national guard issue right away in exchange for a strong, focused, relentless campaign against Republicans and the President for being for assault weapons. It should be bigger than a one-mention story, which is all we've been getting. Guns are sexy, right? Media should like that.

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