Monday, August 30, 2004

The Sadness of Being Gay in America
I can't make myself develop any anger over the hypocrisy that is Rep. Schrock from Virginia, a conservative Christian Republican with a 90+% rating from the Christian Coalition who has just been outed and now dropped out of his race for a third term amid the controversy. Right now, I just feel sorry for him and every other gay American who's had their true identities so beaten up emotionally that their outlets of true expression have been narrowed to hidden scandalous corners of society.

There has been no confirmation from the Congressman, but apparently there are tapes of him seeking out men. Here's a story with a link that claims to be an audio file of just that. Of course I have no idea if it's really him--mainstream media has not picked up this element of the story yet--but that is the story making the rounds. If it's true (and there's no other explanation for him dropping out suddenly), my heart goes out to him and every other gay person who must reserve their personal lives to anonymous, or pseudonymous, whispers into a telephone. He doesn't live that way because it's fun, I feel sure. We can't continue to ask gay Americans to live just one honest moment away from personal and professional ruin.

But, couldn't he have voted on the side of gay rights even once?

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