Thursday, September 02, 2004

Michael Moore in USA Today:Bush Speech Thread
If you haven't read his column today, it's good: he has a few ideas for Bush's speech tonight:
The other thing I would like to hear tonight is: Why haven't you caught Osama bin Laden? You've had three years to find him. The man killed nearly 3,000 people here on our soil.

Maybe Bush has no worse explanation than he just hasn't been able to do it. Well, if your town's dogcatcher couldn't catch a wild dog that has been on the loose biting people for three years, what would be the dogcatcher's chances for re-election? Not good.
What would you like to hear from him tonight? What do you expect? And, once it's over, what did you think? I expect him to come across as above the fray, while still insisting that Kerry's positions aren't right for the job. But he'll steal from Clinton and assure us that he has only disagreements, not personal differences, with his opponent.

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