Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Doing my part
Of course, like you, I'm terribly worried about the debate on Thursday. Why? Because John Kerry barely knows how to answer a question, where George Bush is a skilled, masterful orator, shrewd in his average Joeisms, brilliant in his analysis of an opponent's weakness. Have you ever seen a stronger debater than George W? He whipped the best Texas has to offer in Ann Richards; he sliced and diced the best national Democrats had to offer in Al Gore. The man should really destroy poor John Kerry.

In fact, if Kerry could even get out a few coherent sentences, or even stand up under Bush's withering attacks, you'd have to say he did quite well... It will be near impossible, of course. Bush is just too strong at the podium. A quick thinker, who bloodies his adversaries mercilessly with his consistent message and likable charms. Kerry meanwhile is hardly even human. His mannerisms are alien. Consistent messages are like kryptonite to him. I suspect half way through for him just to throw in the towel and say "I give up, O master Bush! Your big belt buckle Crawford ranch ways are just too intimidating! Your connection to voters makes even the yellowest of yellow-dog Democrats shed a tear!"

Should he even make it to the end of the debate, I dare say that John Kerry should be declared the winner...

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