Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Religious Leaders for Same-Sex Marriage
Something called The Religious Institute has authored an open letter to religious leaders encouraging the affirmation of same-sex marriage on religious grounds. It's a nice effort, but mostly 4 pages of the same thing said 25 different ways. They could have axed most of it, saved the grant money that funded it, and left the one sentence that speaks most clearly: "Where there is love, the sacred is in our midst." Agreed. If it is anywhere, it is surely there.

Gay marriage will come eventually, but not until religious folks are persuaded or else so outnumbered they don't matter. The latter is not looking likely any time soon. MyDD links to an Annenburg Public Policy release that details the percentage of registered voters, by state, who are white, evangelical or born-again protestants. Want to understand the culture war? Massachussetts weighs in at 6%. Tennessee? Number one at 51%.

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