Sunday, September 05, 2004

I'm not above rumor-mongering at this point. And even though I don't frankly think that "revelations" about W's past are going to help the cause--the middle/undecided seem to be more excited about the integrity of conversions than they are willing to hold someone responsible for ancient transgressions--I link to Atrios who hints at campaign developments which may be coming soon. It may have something to do with this. But it would be nice if this wish (at the top of the page) came true.

I link, you decide. Will post updates here, if there are any.

UPDATE: Susan Estrich (former Dukakis campaign manager and, frankly, pretty much a hack) offers what may be a preview here.

UPDATE 2: More here on the content of the Kitty Kelley book, re Bush and cocaine.

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