Thursday, September 09, 2004

Apologies Coming?
It will really suck if those new 60 Minutes documents turn out to be forgeries.

UPDATE: Atrios links to info on the IBM Selectric, a typewriter introduced in the 40s that included capabilities that resembled proportional fonts. A comment in his thread points to this proof that Air Force commanders had access to such. "Bubba" points to images of Selectric fonts to demonstrate the "closed 4" that some are touting as proof of forgery, and he found that the Selectric II did indeed allow for superscripts.

Ain't the Internet grand?

UPDATE 2: Read the other side here. It's convincing also.

UPDATE 3: Kevin Drum makes me feel better about the documents, but not sure it really helps quell the controversy.

UPDATE 4: I'm starting to come down on the side of "forged." The superimposition of 2 documents, one typed in Microsoft Word 2004, the other the purported doc from 1973 in this post (admitedly at a horrible right-wing site) has me pretty well convinced (scroll down to its updates). If 60 Minutes has some real proof up their sleeve, this would be a real good time to let it out.

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