Friday, September 17, 2004

The world's most unlucky Republican
You may have seen the picture by now, or heard about it on TV/radio, the Bush supporter whose 3-year-old daughter was made to cry when evil Kerry supporter union thugs ripped her Bush/Cheney sign out of her hands at a Kerry rally. Phil Parlock, the father, has been all over the news, the victim of the day of those overly aggressive, partisan Democrats in West Virginia.

The blog "rising-hegemon" did what any good reporter these days should have done (it only takes .47 seconds), googled "Phil Parlock." In 2000, Mr. Parlock was similarly "assaulted" at a Gore event and got into the papers. And, whaddya know, if Mr. Parlock didn't find his way next to the most aggressive Democrats in 1996 too.

When a gun shot was fired through the front window of a local GOP meeting in Charleston WV 2 weeks ago while Republicans gathered to watch the Convention, making big scary news, guess who was there?

The guy has a knack for being attacked, no? He has had to deny publicly that this newest event was staged, even though the young gentleman sporting the union shirt and a scrap of the child's sign does look a good bit like his son....Check the rising-hegemon link for the pictures.

I personally know only a few people who would really take the time to go to a rally for one candidate and sneak in signs for the opponent. But I know nobody would would take their 3-year-old with them. How do they spell nutjob in West Virginia? P-A-R-L-O-C-K.

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