Friday, September 17, 2004

A Democrat's Getting Elected in Oklahoma?
If PARLOCK is how they spell nutjob in West Virginia (see post below), in Oklahoma they spell it COBURN. He's running for the Senate (yes, THE Senate) against Democrat Brad Carson. Coburn's got all the great intangbles of Republican Conservatism in the South: what comes out of his mouth is the dumbest stuff you'll ever hear, he just might be somewhat insane, and oh yeah he is evil evil evil. If you're a Republican losing a Senate race in a state that's polling almost 70-30 for Bush, that's a good sign something is wrong with you. In this case, something is.

I'm not sure even Alan Keyes could have lost this one. Retaking the Senate is looking better and better all the time. Tenenbaum's charging in SC, Salazar is neck-and-neck with Coors in CO, Bowles is going to win in NC. Bob Graham's seat in FL could go either way. And of course we're gaining a seat in IL. And I'm reading that Barney Frank is in perfect position to take over Kerry's seat once he is elected President.

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