Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I have no plans to ever write a book - not sure why I would. But if I do, I hope more than anything that it doesn't offend James Wolcott.
With The Enemy at Home, I prefer to do the irresponsible thing and declare war on Dinesh D'Souza and his stinking mackerel of a book starting now. I intend to pound this scurrilous piece of scapegoating at every convenient opportunity. It is long past due that the likes of Ramesh Ponnuru (Death Party A-Go-Go), Jonah Goldberg (Hillary Clinton Was Himmler's Mistress), and now D'Souza be put on notice that they are not going to get away with vilifying liberals, mainstream Democrats, radical thinkers, academics, and entertainers as traitors and terrorist sympathizers. They want to wage culture war? Then, to quote Nabokov, they should brace themselves and prepare for the next crash. They want to practice character assassination? They've picked the wrong time, the wrong adversary.
It sounds like he deserves it. In the unlikely event that America turns into the kind of place where liberals are not only ridiculed and vilified like we are now, but in fact hunted down, imprisoned and/or killed, the first step would look like D'Souza's argument. In fact, he says quite clearly, quoted by Wolcott:
There is no way to restore the culture without winning the war on terror. Conversely, the only way to win the war on terror is to win the culture war. Thus we arrive at a sobering truth. In order to crush the Islamic radicals abroad, we must defeat the enemy at home

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