Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Fighting Keyboardist Abandons His Post
Shorter Jonah Goldberg: I was wrong about the Iraq War, but I was right to be wrong (and you were wrong to be right). Quickly becoming the most unreadable columnist around, Jonah finally flips on the war in his LATimes piece today.
I must confess that one of the things that made me reluctant to conclude that the Iraq war was a mistake was my general distaste for the shabbiness of the arguments on the antiwar side.

But that's no excuse. Truth is truth. And the Iraq war was a mistake by the most obvious criteria: If we had known then what we know now, we would never have gone to war with Iraq in 2003.
But just think, now when Jonah gets asked why he's not volunteering for the war, he can finally be honest: that he just doesn't believe in it. If he truly thought a war was necessary to preserve our national well-being, he would have joined, right? Now we know that his "reluctance" to be honest with himself about that had more to do with his dislike for the "arguments" (which is to say, the arguers) on the other side. We could be right as rain but because we're Democrats and liberals he feels compelled to argue vociferously on the other side, no matter the cost.

Thanks, Jonah. A real stand-up guy.

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