Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just between you and me, I'm suddenly much less confident about the Harold Ford Senate chances in TN. The "best campaign of the cycle" seems to have made several bizarre missteps lately. First, why would you do this?
Democratic Senate nominee Harold Ford Jr. interrupted his opponent's news conference Friday, confronting Republican Bob Corker in a Memphis airport parking lot and scolding him for criticizing Ford's family.

Corker was talking to reporters about lobbying reform and ethics.
Ford spotted Corker in the parking lot and began walking toward him, saying, "It's good to see you. I'd love to debate you on this Iraq thing."

Ford continued talking about his plan to partition Iraq into three regions as the candidates shook hands. But then Corker stopped him:

"I came to talk about ethics, and I have a press conference," Corker said in TV footage captured by WREG in Memphis. "I think it's a true sign of desperation that you would pull your bus up when I'm having a press conference."
And then why would you actively bash the liberal Democratic candidate for your old seat and actively antagonize liberal voters, who were already holding their noses to vote for you? These both seem like rash decisions, especially the first one. Could it be that his internal polls show him slipping?

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