Thursday, October 05, 2006

This is getting sickening...When does the Iraq War become even more pointless, more hopeless, more disastrous than Vietnam? 14 more US families lost a son or a daughter this week alone, not to mention what's happened to Iraqi families.
More blasts rocked Baghdad on Thursday, spreading yet more carnage during what was already Iraq's worst week for bombings since the United States invasion, and as US casualties continued to mount.

For the fourth time this year a bomb exploded in bustling Tehran Square in downtown Baghdad, wounding at least 20 day labourers waiting at a spot popular for seeking work, security and medical officials said. [my emphasis]

I heard Woodward on Larry King the other night say that he thinks this War is already more important, because it is in the heart of such an important, volatile region of the world. Yeah, he's a jerk for taking Bush/Cheney's word for so much for his first 2 books, but maybe that means conservatives will have a better chance of hearing him now say we are in a state of national crisis and are being misled daily.

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