Tuesday, October 03, 2006

To be clear...yeah it's fun watching the DC Republican Party fall apart as they bicker with one another...but that's the only fun part, the fact that as an organization they were unable to address obvious warning signs with any kind of responsible integrity, and are unable to handle the fallout of that truth without trampling over one another as they stab each other in the back.

To me, the part of the story involving Rep. Foley is over. I don't need anymore details of his actions to have a clear enough idea of what he's about; plus he's resigned. I hope he in fact did not commit any physical crimes against minors, and especially hope his improper activity doesn't extend to children below the age of the 16 year olds we already know about. If those 2 things are true, the damage he has done will be somewhat limited we can hope, and he remains little more than a pathetic figure--a footnote to the election of 2006.

The real story here is the coverup, hypocrisy, desire to maintain power at all costs and a fundamentally ego-driven failure of leadership within the Republican Party. The thing is, we've all known those things about them. What brings any glee out of this episode is its ability to demonstrate in simple terms that truth to anyone and everyone who may not have reached the conclusion yet, despite ample evidence. They're only showing what we already know about them: that they can't be trusted.

There's nothing fun about watching this sad/pathetic man fall, certainly nothing pleasant about hearing of his misdeeds. If I'm glad the story will continue it's not because I want the spotlight on him. If he doesn't receive another minute of press attention, nobody would be happier about that than me. But Republican leadership's attitudes about the transgressions of their members--and their own caretaking of minors when a clear and obvious threat presented itself--that deserves all the scrutiny and light of day it has coming.

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