Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Biblical Inerrancy
Religious extremists of all stripes like to invoke the infallible, literal truth that is Scripture--God's word and all of that. Even if--unlike me--you'd *like* to believe in biblical inerrancy, one of the obvious problems is the issue of translation. Does God inspire each translation with equal force of literal truth? Are there some that are sanctioned and some not? How are we supposed to know? We do know this: all we have are translations and human-made copies (and that's not even counting the act of translation that must occur when relaying a divine message that enters your brain and must be put down in ink and parchment and pesky human words).

So what would our inerrantist friends say about this: There's a new Blogging the Bible post up at Slate, and between him and his readers, author David Plotz has uncovered in the Book of Judges what can only be a mistake in one translation or another, because the NRSV translation directly contradicts the others. What will we tell the children??

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