Monday, October 02, 2006

Congressman, you're no alcoholic...
Every 10 minutes or so, another Republican says something ridiculous about congress's new sexual-predatorgate. On CNN, they just said that Hastert is instituting new "safeguards" to keep this page scandal from happening again. Their example? A 1-800 number for pages and their families to call to expose other (hopefully Democratic) congressmen. Yeah, that's what these teenagers need to be safe...a help line.

But best of all right now is Foley's decision to check himself into rehab. The first sentence of his statement: "I strongly believe I am an alcoholic..." Funny, I thought denial was the first step?? When have you ever heard any alcoholic send himself into rehab with that kind of statement?

Once again Democrats know how to accomplish this more convincingly. Patrick Kennedy drove himself into a cement bunker and slept through it, not remembering a thing the next day. And oh yeah, he apparently took pills too. Now, that's an alcoholic. Come on, Congressman're just a creep with a thing for children under your charge. I almost think it's time for a Lloyd Bentsen moment..."Congressman, I've known alcoholics...alcoholics have been friends of mine..."

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