Saturday, May 14, 2005

Weekend Family Values: Sanctity of Marriage edition
Meet Dr. David Hager, champion of family values, administration guru on women's health issues (responsible for keeping Plan B emergency contraception off the shelves), also a serial rapist and john to his first wife of 30 years.

Meet Representative Don Sherwood, family values and marriage champion, adulterer, attempted asphyxiator, and still co-chair of the Republican committee to retain incumbent congressmen.

We have screw-ups and sinners on our side too, but Democrats aren't (mostly) the ones with all the self-righteous, venomous, judgmental, freedom-restricting policies. Both men should resign in shame. At least one should be in jail. Relationships may be difficult, but refraining from raping and choking your significant others is not really one of the hard parts.

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