Thursday, May 05, 2005

Election Day [UPDATED]
In the UK. You can follow it at the BBC site here. For a marker, in the 2001 election, Labour received 41%, Conservatives received 32% and Liberal Democrats received 18%. Polls expect the Lib Dems to cross into the 20's and Labour to dip into the 30s. If Labour maintains a seat majority in the 90s or higher, it's a good day for Blair. In the 80s or lower and it's not so good for him, or for somebody else, whose last name starts with a B.

[UPDATE: Guest-blogging at TPM, Ken Baer reports that exit polls (not that we believe them, right?) show Blair heading a Labour majority of only 66 once the votes are all counted. Still a majority, but a definite backslide.]

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