Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Americans [heart] Christian Conservatives
As a follow-up to the discussion around the blog-world in which Yglesias and Drum suggested we lighten up on the religious liberty issue, I looked back over the extensive Pew poll that gave rise to their concern. Among the more horrifying discoveries was this below. What should we make of this?

Everyone but "liberals" have a favorable opinion of the Christian Conservative movement. (For a description of the different "types" polled, you can read this). All I can think of is that we need another name for the Jerry Falwells/Pat Robertsons/James Dobsons of the world. "Christian" and "religious" are terms with which many good Americans identify, even if they would not agree with many of the wackos' positions. So "religious right," and "Christian conservative" need an upgrade to something more accurate. What should we call them? No, really.

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