Friday, May 27, 2005

LATimes says Frist should resign
The best thing a Senate majority leader with presidential aspirations can do is quit. That was Bob Dole's strategy in 1996, when he resigned to run against President Clinton. And it may be part of Bill Frist's decision not to seek reelection in 2006. If so, Frist could hardly make a smarter move.
Frist may be bringing trouble on himself by trying to satisfy the exorbitant demands of his party's far-right wing, which, like the old Soviet Union, views one concession simply as an occasion to ask for another. Before Frist truckles any further to the conservative base, he would do well to remember that the Hippocratic oath should apply to the Senate as well: First do no harm.
It's too far away from '08 to be saying such things, but Frist's Presidential hopes are sure looking silly aren't they? I have never been one that gives him much of a chance though. Meanwhile, Hillary's prospects are looking up. Sadly, there are 3 years for the other side to tear her down; I'm sure they will try to do just that.

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