Monday, May 30, 2005

MEDIA MONDAY (Postponed)
What have you been reading, listening to, watching?

HBO has kept us waiting forever for the final seasons of both The Sopranos and the best show on television, Six Feet Under. We still have to wait until 2006 sometime for Tony's last dance, but Six Feet Under gets underway in one week, premiering on Monday, June 6 at 9 pm ET. Being a final season for a show so overtly about death, I don't expect a feel-good wrap-up, but I still can't wait to see it. Season 3 was not so good, but the first, second and last season (the 4th) make up some of the best TV I've ever seen. Hopefully the final, Season Five, will live up to last season's final episode.

Wanna catch up really fast? Watch the entire last season this week on HBO2:
Tuesday: 8,9,10 pm ET--Episodes 40,41,42
Wednesday: 8,9,10 pm ET--Episodes 43,44,45
Thursday: 8,9,10 pm ET--Episodes 46,47,48
Friday: 8,9,10 pm ET--Episodes 49,50,51 (the amazingly good season finale)

Fast-Food Nation: The Movie
Richard Linklater is signed to make a "fictionalized thriller" of this non-fiction book. Whatever that means. (via Blog Riley)

Martha Wainwright
Kenny B strongly recommends, and I concur, the music of Rufus' sister, Martha. I was concerned that she was picking up music as a fall-back strategy (she previously tried acting) to capitalize on her name. But she has a commanding, confident voice, and is a fabulous guitar player. I'm looking forward to finding her debut album to see if the honest energy translates from a very small venue to a studio album.

Kenny and I both caught her live at The Basement, a fun new tiny club underneath our town's best record shop, Grimey's. An intimate setting, The Basement is also smoke-free, which had alot to do with how pleasant the experience was. Are you able to catch live music in smoke-free bars where you live? How can we get more of these?

Robert Greenwald, maker of the documentary films Outfoxed, Unprecedented, Unconstitutional, and Uncovered, will soon reveal details of his next "mystery film".

The Beast
Somebody's been thinking ahead. You think fundamentalist Christians are a pain in the ass now? Wait until next summer, when a film will come out about uncovering "Christianity's best-kept secret": that Jesus never existed. The Beast purports to be "diving into factual territory well-explored by scholars but largely hidden from the view of the public." Why next summer? June 06 (06-06-06). Just in time to get them all riled up heading into the mid-term elections. Thanks alot, Hollywood.

Whale Song Decline
I haven't been listening to whale singing, but Dr. Roger Payne has. And he says that "the whale songs of the 60's were much more beautiful than the whale songs these days." Kinda like the Rolling Stones.
(via BoingBoing)

Weekend Box Office
1. Star Wars: Episode 3
2. Madagascar
3. The Longest Yard
4. Monster-in-Law
5. Kicking and Screaming

I'll chime in with my own Media Monday thoughts sometime tonight [<---Done; see above] (in the meantime, at Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Myself to Death, Doug reminds us of the reason for the season)--please post your own raves and rants in the comments. In addition to it being a holiday, I also am dealing with a flooded apartment, thanks to a hose on my clothes washer that decided to bust during the hour and a half I was out yesterday afternoon. You haven't lived until you've come home to water gushing out of your ceiling light fixtures into a lake where the carpet used to be.

Going away for a holiday this summer? Think about turning off the water. Lucky for me (and the neighbors) I was only gone for 90 minutes.

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