Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Schumer: The US is a Banana Republic
Over at TalkLeft, Jeralyn relays information from Senator Schumer's recent conference call with bloggers about the impending "nuclear option" showdown in the Senate.
Sen. Schumer said there are 25 Republicans who are uncomfortable with the nuclear option, but all but 10 cannot afford to buck the hard right. Of those 10, he said that 7 or 8 are up in the air. The declared ones are Sens. McCain, Chaffee and Snow. Sen. Collins of Maine sounds like one who might side with the Democrats. There's a chance that Sen. Warner and Sen. Specter will vote against the nuclear option. He said not to count on Sen. Roberts from Kansas as had been reported in the media Sunday.

I also asked Sen. Schumer if our activism can help at this juncture - whether the Senators on the fence would be responsive to calls and pleas from constituents. He said absolutely.
If you live in PA, VA, ME, NE, AZ, please call your Senator! It sounds like they don't have the votes yet, but are on their way.

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