Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Pat Robertson is on crack
What is the biggest threat to the United States in the entire history of the country?
With choices like the Civil War, Communism, Nazi Germany and Al Qaeda, Robertson chose today's judges and their assault on conservative values. Seriously. They're the biggest most dangerous threat America has ever faced. Who in their right (undrugged) mind would say such a thing and then repeat it when pressed?

Also revealed in the jaw-dropping ABC interview on Sunday, Robertson believes that only Christians and Jews should be allowed to serve in the government and on the judiciary (he didn't come right out and say it, but you could tell he wanted to). Also, he doesn't believe God changes natural laws to either induce or prevent natural disasters (though if memory serves, he used to believe the opposite), but he does believe God responds to prayer to bring about things like, oh i don't know, the death of some Supreme Court judges. Oh yeah, and Judge Ginsburg is a communist. And Giuliani for President! (ix-nay on ist-Fray)

If you have a fast Internet connection, download the video here. Must be seen to be believed. The man is completely out of his mind.

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