Wednesday, May 04, 2005

New Article 19 Feature
One of the interesting things about the blog archives continuing to grow is that I get more and more visits from folks who searched for something I happen to have mentioned. Sometimes this is because the searcher and I shared a spelling mistake. But, far and away the most common search topic that lands an unsuspecting web surfer here at Article 19 is anything to do with "Emmitt Till," because of one post I made about a year ago. But a search engine only puts you on the proper archived month and you have to scroll through to find what you're searching about. So, I'm starting a new link on the left. As I notice more and more common searches, I'll put a link to the proper post. Also, as I find more and more ridiculous searches that shouldn't have landed you here but did, like "rebuild negative self esteem with Reality TV" I may post those as well, for comedic (hopefully) effect.

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