Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bizarro World
WH spokesman Scott McClellan on the Newsweek retraction:
"This allegation was unsubstantiated and it was contrary to everything that we value and all that our military works to uphold. We encourage Newsweek to now work diligently to help undo what damage can be undone."

"People lost their lives. the image of the United States abroad has been damaged. It will take work to undo what can be undone"
(my emphasis)
Can you believe Newsweek would do that to us? Ruin the great international image the Bush team has worked so hard to build up?

Meanwhile, 5 days ago, when the White House assumed the story was probably true (and why wouldn't they?), the Administration claimed the rioting was "not at all tied to the magazine."

Think Progress (via Kos) reminds us of the Bush attitude toward using a single wrong source when the result was a war on Iraq killing probably 100,000+
QUESTION: He's the president of the United States. This thing he told the country on the verge of taking the nation to war has turned out to be, by your own account, not reliable. That's his fault, isn't it?
Cracking down on single sources must be a new push of the second term... Olbermann puts it all together if you're not already too sick to read more.

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