Saturday, August 07, 2004

Obama's a real environmentalist
Salon writer went looking for cracks in the integrity of Barack Obama's liberal credentials on the environmental front, and found none: (subscription or free day-pass req.)
His efforts on behalf of the environment have been so consistent and comprehensive, in fact, that LCV and the Sierra Club endorsed Obama in his bid for Congress this year over half a dozen other Democrats competing in the primary. Last month, the LCV named him a 2004 Environmental Champion, one of 18 sitting and prospective members of Congress to receive the award.

Obama is "by far one of the most compelling and knowledgeable politicians on the environment I've ever sat in a room with," Mark Longabaugh, senior vice president for political affairs at LCV, told Muckraker. "I've been playing national politics for more than 20 years and I quite literally can't remember one person I've met -- even on a national level -- who was more in command of facts, more eloquent, and more passionate on these issues than Sen. Obama."
If you have "on demand" digital cable, you can watch Democratic Convention speeches now, including Clinton's and Obama's.

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