Thursday, August 19, 2004

Calling Captain Obvious
UPDATE: Extending the DUH nomination period through the weekend. Even if you don't have a nominee, be sure to comment on your favorite(s).

Trying something new, after a suggestion from the comments last week. This thread is for nominations for the coveted prize to be awarded late Friday afternoon known as the DUH. The Damn Useless Hooey award (or the Dumb Understatement...something starting with H) will be given to the most foolish or funny we-already-knew-that article, report, statement, whatever. Award will be determined by consensus, unless disagreement forces me to rule with an iron hand.

Nominate as many as you like in the comments, up until the award is announced late tomorrow. Summarize the essence of (or quote if it's just a statement) the Hooey, and if it's something you find on the web, please give an address so we can all go read it. It's a weekly award, so only those things that were reported/said/published this past week qualify. No quotes from Abe Lincoln or whatever.

If we like it, we'll do it every week.

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