Monday, August 16, 2004

John the Baptist Found?
I have to admit, I don't really care too much whether the conclusion drawn by biblical archaeologist Shimon Gibson is true. There's still plenty to be fascinated by in finding a cave brimming with 2,500-year-old artifacts, evidence of some kind of ritual/religious cleansing exercise, and the cave drawings and carvings of those who wished to leave notice of their existence and activities:

The explorers uncovered 28 steps leading to the bottom of the cave. On the right, a niche is carved into the wall - typical of those used in Jewish ritual baths for discarding the clothes before immersion. Near the end of the stairs, the team found an oval stone with a foot-shaped indentation - about a shoe size 11. Just above, a soapdish-like niche apparently held ritual oil that would flow through a small channel onto the believer's right foot.
Now, if only we knew a biblical scholar to tell us all what to think about this...

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