Monday, August 02, 2004

Lamar(!) Proposes a Voucher End-Run
Everywhere they come up for a public affirmation, voucher programs are being voted down by citizens. We are just not willing to drain public school monies for private school promotion.

So Senator Lamar Alexander is seeking a new way around this public relations problem, proposing a "Pell Grant for kids" program. No Child Left Behind coffers, which are already severely under-funded by our President and Republican congress, despite its significant federal mandates, would under this idea be handed out to low and middle-income families in $500 increments for educational use, costing the federal government $12 billion in education funds.

The Senator paints a pretty picture, of parental coalitions pooling their money and presenting it to principals for the funding of an after-school program, or new math tutor (Hey, isn't that the kind of thing we elect School Boards to do?). But we know the motive here: subsidizing private-school tuition, setting up a middle-man to allow the government to fund religion indirectly, and ultimately gutting public education altogether.

I think it's a terrible idea. Tell Senator Alexander what you think.

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