Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Why No One Likes Catholic Bishops, Part 396
I saw a brief bit on this while flipping by Keith Olberman's show, but didn't know it was the same bishop trying to invalidate communion for pro-choice Democrats that is now condemning an 8-year-old girl to Hell for having an illness (via Atrios and the General):
An 8-year-old girl who has a rare digestive disorder and cannot consume wheat has had her first Communion declared invalid because the wafer contained none.
Is it not enough that bishops get to decide whose magic hands are necessary to deliver communion to you? They have to have a single kind of magic bread as well? The priests are godly enough to turn the bread into the very body of Christ, but the diocese believes their powers have disappeared if there's no wheat? All this time I thought the Church was the active ingredient in transubstantiation....

We can only hope this emotional trauma has happened upon a child (and a family) strong enough to, one day soon, steel her jaw, fill her lungs with a deep breath of self-assured confidence, and truly know in her heart that if there is indeed a God, She/He loves her without reservation, and will smile with omnipotent approval while she tells Bishop Smith where he can stick the nearest stalk of wheat.

Shame on the whole sorry, phony lot of them.

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