Thursday, August 26, 2004

Great Moments in Lawyer Crap
You may have heard that Ben Ginsberg (one of the stars of Florida recount cases) had to resign from the Bush-Cheney team when it was discovered that he also is the attorney for the Swift Boat Fabricators, after Bush et al assured everyone that there was no coordination or relationship whatsoever between the campaign and the nasty 527 (since that would be against the law). Ginsberg's explanation as to why this setup could never have been a problem (from Josh Marshall):
I was at the nexus of making sure (coordination) didn't happen. To suggest otherwise is flat wrong.
So, he was at the heart of the effort to make sure there was no coordination. You might even say he coordinated the effort between the campaign and the anti-Kerry group to ensure that no coordination took place whatsoever.

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