Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Last-minute party switcher being taken to court
Alexander the in-grate waited until the last minute to try and change his party affiliation, a strategy he admitedly thought of himself, to keep other Democrats from stepping in. If you're like me, your immediate reaction was "that shouldn't be allowed." Turns out, it's probably not. A true patriot is taking him to court and it would seem that the law is on his side.

So now, Alexander has lost his staff, the 70,000 bucks he has agreed to return to Democrats, since he effectively spit on their contributions, and he's being pressured to return the money donated for his 2002 run. His whining that this backdoor, last-minute rug-pull maneuver was one of courage and not cowardice is repulsive hilarious. He would have fit in just fine with the GOP, wouldn't he? But perhaps now he can't even be a candidate any longer.

Atrios has the story, and the legal mumbo-jumbo. It's good.

My question is if he's truly booted from the race, is there any chance Democrats can put someone up? Or are they relegated to a write-in campaign? There was already another Republican running so their side wouldn't be blank.

All conservative Democrats must be faced with a primary opponent. You never know what can happen.

UPDATE: The DCCC has it covered as well, and links to Article 19!

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