Thursday, September 11, 2008

White Women, Let's Talk About the Public Library
Obama's recent slip in the polls is being attributed to white women, compelled by McCain's selection of Sarah Palin and convinced she is harmless, maybe even mavericky. I don't know any white women, of course, but if you do, ask them why they hate the public library, and why they think it's ok to use elected office to pursue extremist religious views and bully public servants. Or just send them this:

Not to put too fine a point on it, but haven't we had an asshole for a Vice President already and hasn't it kind of sucked? This is what kind of Mayor she was, and what kind of leader she will be. She intimidates, and she pushes her church's concerns onto the public.

Wonder what kind of Supreme Court justices she would pick as President, after the Massive McCain Stroke (or whatever...)? Listen carefully to what Alaska Reverend Howard Bess says in the report above: Palin is not just accepted by the far religious right. *She's one of them*. Please think again, white women.

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