Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Confused
Can someone explain why, exactly, McCain's membership in the Keating 5 is somehow off limits this election cycle? I know, it's no sex-with-an-intern, but still a pretty flagrant violation of the public trust that seems fairly instructive into the man's character.

In addition to providing that window into McCain, wouldn't you say the S & L crisis of the 80s bears a fair enough resemblance to the current situation to be supremely relevant?

Over at Washington Monthly, Steve Benen takes a stab at bringing into focus, but I'm really not sure why it's considered a low blow for the Democrats to bring this up directly. He had to apologize for his inappropriate actions, even. It was no small scandal.

Is it just considered too long ago? Or the fact that he may have been the least culpable of the 5? Isn't that kind of a low bar in the presidential character test?

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