Monday, September 15, 2008

What have you been reading, watching, listening to? Is there any time for culture, what with election obsession?

Article 19 Film Recommendation
Over the weekend I saw the new Coen Brothers film, Burn After Reading. It was fun, clever, a bit shocking a time or 3. John Malkovich is hysterical, and Clooney reprises his funny wide-eyed Coen film persona (a la O Brother, Where Art Thou?). It's not as hilarious as Raising Arizona, or as pathos-driven as Fargo, but it has elements of each. A fun night at the movies with some memorable lines and images. As a send-up of Syriana-style spy complexity it really is well-done, from the opening credits.

2 riveting true-story previews stayed with me even after the film was over: Milk (Sean Penn as Harvey Milk) and Frost-Nixon, an account of the famous post-Watergate interviews.

You can watch the Milk trailer at this link. Below is the Frost/Nixon trailer:

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