Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Night Thought
George Bush has been horrendous and embarrassing as a President. Lots of Americans shake their heads, blame him for his incompetence, and relish the thought of a new leader. But many of those who have rightly concluded as much are doing it for the wrong reasons, thinking it is merely W's character and lack of intellect that have left us in this hole. They refuse to deal with the reality that *George Bush's policies* are what have put the country on the brink of disaster, economically and in foreign policy. So, many folks accept McCain as a positive successor *because of his supposed character as a good guy with a compelling running mate.*

But if there was ever a time that *issues*, *policies*, and *plans* are required to evaluate a race, it is now. There is simply no excuse for being against the direction of the country under Bush but for McCain to lead us into the future. It is non-sensical. If there are any fools in your life who have such an untenable pair of thoughts in their heads, make them tell you which of Bush's policies McCain would undo. In any significant sense, there are none.

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